Surfers with a Mission : Turning Smartphones into Action Cameras

"Simply put, we found a way to make your smartphone waterproof and use all its cool stuff to take stunning surf selfies.” ~ Jack Yeh, Co-founder DouDou Surf


At DouDou we believe that everybody should be able to capture their best surfing moments. However, we realized that not everybody has access to action cameras, and the ones who do, don’t always like to use them. Moreover, we noticed that many old smartphones are left in the drawer and we try to bring them a new life. Therefore we created the DouDou Surf- a waterproof  smartphone case that you can mount onto your surfboard allowing you to turn your smartphone into a surfing action camera.

What we love about the Dou Dou Surf iPhone Case

Incredibly easy to mount onto any surfboard, the water and shockproof DouDou Surf Case has proven not to come off even when weather and wave conditions get rough. Also operating this new 'action camera' couldn't be easier, as the DouDou protective smartphone case features a smooth touch screen which gives you direct access to all the features of your smartphone. 

Using the built-in camera of your smartphone together with the wide-angle lenses on the protective casing, the DouDou Surf Case allows you to take high-quality footage of your surf session, anywhere, anytime.

Quality Control

We are a team of talented professionals specialized in waterproof case design for smartphones and our team is full of avid surfers. We design the DouDou Surf from the surfer's perspective in order to totally satisfy their needs and to maximize the utility value of your smartphone even while you are surfing. We know that your smartphone is very important to you and we vow to design the most secure and strong protection for your smartphone. Our mission is to delivery our products with simplicity, in-depth and profundity.  

The production and assembly process is carried out by strict standards and went through lots of durability and waterproof tests before the mass production begins. Every single product has passed our quality control procedures according to the IP67 standards in the lab before we ship it out to our customers. 

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